Consultants for sustainable impact: Introducing the team

We are a diverse team of consultants committed to making a difference by creating sustainable impact in Ethiopia. We serve businesses, investors and civil society actors by supporting, managing and assessing the activities of those who wish to have a positive social and environmental impact.

Supported by a wide range of local partners and researchers, we are able to provide sustainable impact solutions. We are specialized in topics like livelihood support, job creation and environmental management. We also have a broad network of local and international experts available to support any of our clients needs.

Workaferahu Kidane

Workeferahu is a business development senior and networking expert who works on issues related to entrepreneurship, training and job creation. In 1997, she started her career as an assistant adviser for a training centre for disadvantaged young students. She has since worked on training programmes for different stakeholders. More recently, she has focused on female entrepreneurship, supporting over 500 female entrepreneurs in Addis Ababa and other regions of Ethiopia in finding market gaps and creating key connections. She has also been a very active contributor to job creation for women at the AWSAD women’s safe house in Addis Ababa. For North South Consulting, she is key in managing projects and research teams, and creating the right connections with a diverse range of businesses and government agencies.

Simone Reinders

Simone works on a range of topics for sustainable impact. She specializes in inclusive development, job creation and higher education in Ethiopia and has broad experience in research management, development and execution. Her strengths lie in methodology development, analysis and reporting, as well as in networking and the organization of knowledge-sharing events such as workshops and conferences. She started her career in academia. From her experience at universities in the Netherlands, she derives her critical and analytical strength. Working on a more practical application of her work in recent years, she has worked as a knowledge manager, consultant and project manager.

North South Consulting has been active in Ethiopia for the past 15 years. Starting out as a small consultancy firm, the extensive experience and expertise of our CEO and team members have created a movement and network that has made North South Consulting grow into what it is today.

We are consultants that are passionate about Ethiopia, and positive about the future. We believe that with attention to context and stakeholder involvement, anyone can make a sustainable impact. We have therefore focused our attention on a broad spectrum of actors in Ethiopia, both national and international, and involving businesses, investors and NGOs. 

Working towards these goals, we have developed a huge network over the years, which allows us to take into account the full range of factors that are relevant to our clients’ needs. When we engage in a project, we pay attention to all these factors so that we do not just create impact, we make sure that activities are sustainable by embedding them the social, environmental and economic context.

Over the years, we have found that especially job creation and education, and supporting sustainable, diversified livelihoods make a difference. However, we are open to address all issues our clients may face, or would like to pay attention to.

Mission – Creating sustainable impact in Ethiopia

We aim to be a partner in sustainable impact in  social, economic and environmental fields. We make our knowledge, advice and network available to support a wide range of stakeholders who aim to invest, do business, or engage in civil society activities in Ethiopia.

Vision – Multi-stakeholder partnerships make the difference

Vision: Multi-stakeholder partnerships are key to create win-win(-win) solutions that make a real difference. As a partner in sustainable impact, we assess the situation on the ground and engage relevant stakeholders and communities. From this, we develop strategies that enhance job creation, sustainable livelihoods, and promote environmental and social responsibility.