Consultants for sustainable impact: Introducing the team

We are a diverse team of consultants committed to making a difference by creating sustainable impact in Ethiopia. We serve businesses, investors and civil society actors by supporting, managing and assessing the activities of those who wish to have a positive social and environmental impact.

Supported by a wide range of local partners and researchers, we are able to provide sustainable impact solutions. We are specialized in topics like livelihood support, job creation and environmental management. We also have a broad network of local and international experts available to support any of our clients needs.

Saskia Kloezeman

Saskia is a target-oriented professional specialized in sustainable impact in Ethiopia, and the founder of North South Consulting. Her strengths lie in communication and networking in diverse settings, and providing a voice to the voiceless. For any challenge, she is able to find strategic solutions and construct a strong team to do, among other things, environmental and social impact assessments or advise on corporate community outreach programs as part of Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts. She is both business-minded and socially involved, while working in Ethiopia has stimulated her to find out-of-the-box solutions for various challenges. Her career is oriented towards transferring and connecting knowledge, developing herself from teacher to independent international social entrepreneur. Her core specialties are to create sustainable impact for communities and environment through community engagement, education and business development.

Dr. Adenew Taffa

Dr. Adenew Taffa has earned his PhD in land use governance from Vrije University (VU) Amsterdam while he earned his MSc in Information Science and BA degree in Accounting from Addis Ababa University. He has been working at different managerial positions in different government and non-governmental organizations. He has a proven track record of managing various projects funded by donors like the EU, World Bank, SIDA, GIZ, USAID, IGAD, EKN and ICCO. He also has a proven track record in consulting for  local and international organizations such as Addis Ababa University, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, MDF Training and Consultancy, Vrije University Amsterdam and North South Consulting. Furthermore, he has a proven experience of giving lectures in the areas of project management, project procurement and contract administration, project risk management and the like at various higher education institutions. He is currently working as a Deputy Team Leader of MDF Training and Consultancy.

Workaferahu Kidane

Workeferahu is a business development senior and networking expert who works on issues related to entrepreneurship, training and job creation. In 1997, she started her career as an assistant adviser for a training centre for disadvantaged young students. She has since worked on training programmes for different stakeholders. More recently, she has focused on female entrepreneurship, supporting over 500 female entrepreneurs in Addis Ababa and other regions of Ethiopia in finding market gaps and creating key connections. She has also been a very active contributor to job creation for women at the AWSAD women’s safe house in Addis Ababa. For North South Consulting, she is key in managing projects and research teams, and creating the right connections with a diverse range of businesses and government agencies.

Simone Reinders

Simone works on a range of topics for sustainable impact. She specializes in inclusive development, job creation and higher education in Ethiopia and has broad experience in research management, development and execution. Her strengths lie in methodology development, analysis and reporting, as well as in networking and the organization of knowledge-sharing events such as workshops and conferences. She started her career in academia. From her experience at universities in the Netherlands, she derives her critical and analytical strength. Working on a more practical application of her work in recent years, she has worked as a knowledge manager, consultant and project manager.