Our office in Addis Ababa

North South Consulting has been a partner in sustainable impact in Ethiopia for the past 15 years. Starting out as a small consultancy firm, the extensive experience and expertise of our CEO and team members have created a movement and network that has made North South Consulting grow into what it is today. North South Consulting transitioned the consultancy work into partnership, where we build long term relationships with clients by standing next to them and thinking along with them, facilitating clients in their mission and vision.

Our team members are passionate about Ethiopia, and positive about the future. As a partner in sustainable impact, we give a great deal of attention to context and stakeholder involvement. Understanding the dynamic environment in which our client is operating is one of the basic criteria in order to be a reliable partner. Only with that we are able to support our clients into sustainable impact. Within our operations, our attention is focussed on a broad spectrum of actors operating in Ethiopia. They are both national and international, and involving businesses, investors and NGOs.

Saskia Kloezeman interviewed by Lucinda Douglas, April 2016

Working towards these goals, we have developed a huge network over the years, which allows us to take into account the full range of factors that are relevant to our clients’ needs. When we engage in a project, we pay attention to all these factors so that we do not just create impact, we make sure that activities are sustainable by embedding them the social, environmental and economic context.

Over the years, by being a partner in sustainable impacts, we have found that diversified livelihoods make a difference in supporting sustainable initiatives. Within our work we will discuss with our clients’ opportunities of community outreach with a focus on job creation, education and financial access to scale up micro enterprises. We are aware that there are many more topics to be addressed, which in agreement with our clients will be worked out.